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EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Air Cleaner
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The patented EnviroSept Electronic Whole House Air Cleaner is an enhanced media filter, utilizing the concept of dielectric polarization to effectively remove sub-micron particulate. The EnviroSept, available in twenty-eight standard sizes and 7 oversizes, was designed to easily replace any existing 1" thick disposable furnace filters without the need for costly ductwork.

EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Air Cleaner Filters Furnace Air Filters produce NO OZONE! Ozone is a lung irritant that is emitted from ionic air cleaners and many electronic air cleaners. Even small amounts of ozone are undesirable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The affordable EnviroSept, with its ease of handling, low maintenance, and reliability has made it the air cleaner of choice for thousands of satisfied homeowners. More important is the high efficiency of the EnviroSept in the removal of air borne particulate, which leads to cleaner and healthier homes for persons with allergies or asthma.

EnviroSept Air Cleaner is a self-contained electrostatic air filter assembly having two hinged rectangular frames into which is disposed rectangular polyester/wool filter dielectrics with a conducting charging screen in between. The EnviroSept's polyester/wool dielectrics are charged through the conducting screen by a high voltage power supply having a low source resistance. The high voltage supply having a small source resistance is integrated into the air filter assembly and connected electrically to the conducting screen. High voltage is quickly dissipated from the screen and dielectrics when the unit is turned off by a specially designed bleeder resistor. As an air mass is forced through the EnviroSept filter, particulates in the air are removed electrostatically quickly and efficiently by the charged polyester/wool filter material. The EnviroSept air filter assembly has been shown to have a high particulate capacity. Because the EnviroSept assembly is completely self-contained, it may be installed in a variety of environments including residential or commercial forced air heating ductwork.

EnviroSept Unit:
Each EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Air Filter Cleaner unit comes complete with is own 24 volt power supply adapter with 6 foot cord and 14 pads (2 inside unit and 12 spares). EnviroSept is currently available in 35 sizes per the following chart. EnviroSept is designed to be a direct replacement for an existing 1" filter that may be currently installed in the HVAC system. Our model #s are designed to be the approximate size of the filter. An example of EnviroSept model # EAF-2020 which fits a 20 x 20 size, is actually (19 ½ x 19 ½). We are usually within a ¼ inch smaller to allow for the hinges and closure clips.

EnviroSept Sizes EAF-1625 EAF-2025

The EnviroSept is MOST effective when HVAC Fan is on 24/7. This way you are filtering the houses air all the time.

EnviroSept Replacement Collector Pads:
The collector pads are provided twelve pieces per box. To order your collector pads, refer to the model EAF # on EnviroSept or the box that unit came in. (Use only genuine EnviroSept replacement collector pads. You can buy these from us at any time. These collector pads are made from a custom PolyWool blend of proprietary fibers that DOES NOT contain latex, adhesives or fiber-glass as other similar looking products do. Thus, substitute products may drastically reduce the performance and efficiency of the air cleaner and this may lead to damage within the electronics and void the warranty. Only buy replacement pads and shipped DIRECT from FACTORY! Cheaper replacements will simply DAMAGE your unit and VOID your warranty....
EnviroSept Air Cleaners: BE CAREFUL of used Units which may be sold on Ebay for the same or lower price because Warranty and Technical support is ONLY available for the Original Purchaser. Our units are SHIPPED DIRECT from FACTORY!!

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EnviroSept Air Cleaner

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EnviroSept Air Cleaner is a patented dielectric polarization media electronic air cleaner which removes sub-micron particulate from the air through the vent duct system.
The EnviroSept Air Cleaner is a very cost effective electronic vent duct air cleaner for the whole house using patented dielectric polarization.
EnviroSept Air Cleaner
Date published: 06/09/2018
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