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Aquaspace Water Filters

Aquaspace Water Filters

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AQ-500 - Aquaspace AQUARIUS BIG WHITE™ (10" In-Line) Under Sink

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The AQUARIUS BIG WHITE™ Water Filter (AQ-500) is designed to filter all your water under the kitchen sink and water for light commercial use, such as restaurant waiter stations, coffee shops, and bars. The Big White utilizes the patented Aquaspace Compound in 10" In-Line Cartridge. The Aquaspace delivers chemical free water. The unit comes with Uni-Bracket (MB-501) that can be mounted on a wall or use as a stand for either placing unit on counter top or under the sink.

  • Size: 13"H x 8"W x 7.5"D (housing) ¼" FPT
  • Capacity: 5,000 Gallons (18,927 Liters)
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM Maximum
  • Max. Pressure: 70 PSI
  • Efficiency: The Aquaspace® Compound has been tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories for reduces organic, industrial, and agricultural pollutants including chlorine, chloroform, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals such as lead. In addition, Aquaspace removes unpleasant colors, tastes, odors, sediment and turbidity.

AR-500 - Aquaspace® Compound Big Blue Cartridge

water filters

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Aquaspace Replacement Cartridge for Big White 10" Housing - 5,000 Gal.

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