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PLEASE NOTE: Some EnviroSept competitors are claiming their system has a MERV 10 to 13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. If it does they should be able to provide you with the MERV test results from an independent testing lab. If they can not provide this information they are simply assuming a MERV rating which is not a TRUE MERV rating. A system HAS TO BE TESTED to have a TRUE MERV number rating. The EnviroSept has never been tested for a MERV rating so this is why we do not claim any MERV rating number.

ENVIROSEPT PADS: EnviroSept replacement pads ONLY work in the EnviroSept (and old ESSA and PowerSept). They WILL NOT work in low quality electric air cleaner units. DO NOT use EnviroSept pads in ANY OTHER electronic air cleaner.

EnviroSept collector pads are made from a custom PolyWool blend of proprietary fibers that DO NOT contain latex, adhesives or fiber-glass as other similar looking products do. Thus, substitute products may drastically reduce the EnviroSept performance and efficiency of the EnviroSept air cleaner and this may lead to damage within the electronics and void the EnviroSept warranty. ALL PADS ARE SHIPPED IN SET OF 12 DIRECT FROM FACTORY IN Maryland (MD), USA

The EnviroSept is known by NO OTHER NAME!! EnviroSept DOES NOT make ANY OTHER UNIT BY ANY OTHER NAME. Do not be misled.. There is ONLY ONE EnviroSept!!!

SHIPPING: The EnviroSept is IN STOCK and SHIPPED DIRECT FROM WAREHOUSE in MARYLAND the SAME DAY or NEXT BUSINESS DAY depending on when order is placed.

The patented "EnviroSept" air cleaner is an enhanced media filter, utilizing the concept of dielectric polarization to effectively remove sub-micron particulate. The "EnviroSept", (less than one inch thick), was designed to directly replace any existing disposable filters or other type of air cleaners without the need for costly additional ductwork. This product has proven to be the most efficient and economical residential air cleaner on the market today.

The Manufactuter was awarded a new patent on our technology in 1998, making the "EnviroSept" the only fully patented product in its class. This patent clearly establishes the "EnviroSept" as the most advanced air cleaner in it's class, and will provide long term protection for our technology as it pertains to our proprietary electronics and PolyWool collector media.

Other products may attempt Copy or Imitate the EnviroSept, but they haven't duplicated the high standards of excellence that sets "EnviroSept" apart from all others with its unmatched quality of workmanship, materials, and performance.

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